Sculpting courses in Berlin

Sculpture Studio

Sculpting courses with Peter Rosenzweig

At Campo Berlin you are invited to an intensive and in depth experience with sculpting. You work with precious white marble, which I have sourced in  and brought from the region of Carrara in Italy to Berlin.
More than fourty years ago I started sculpting with marble near Carrara and I believe this material to be most suited to beginners. 

Within a short period, beginners learn how to work this fine stone and make good progress. Those who already have experience will love the material for its unique crystalline structure.

The course level is quite high. Step by step I guide you from your artistic idea to your own finished sculpture. Working in a creative atmosphere with others also provides with interesting encounters, uninspected discoveries and stimulating inspirations. 

Our studio is situated in the backyard of Kreuzbergstrasse 9 in Berlin Kreuzberg, a neighbourhood world known for its artists and cultural scene. Close by, there are lots of galleries, museums, theaters and clubs - from avant garde to high culture. Right across the street the famous Viktoriapark with its spectacular waterfall invites for a stroll and the old inner city airport Tempelhof, now a marvellous spacious park isn't far away either. The popular quarter around Bergmannstrasse, just down the street, offers lots of coffee shops, bistros, restaurants for a relaxing lunch time or after-work snack.