Sculpting courses in Berlin

Sculpture Studio

Open Studio Berlin

Once a week we open our studio to anybody who is interested in sculpting. Every thursday between 10 am and 6 pm you are invited to work on your own or with our assistance at the studio. 

Thus, you have plenty of time to complete unfinished sculptures or just work on a new piece of art. For new projects, you can acquire marble rocks or blocks in various sizes directly from us. We also offer coloured stones like travertine or black and grey marble. If you don’t have your own tools, you can rent them from us. Abrasive material (corundum brick and sand papers) can be purchased at cost price. 

This offer is open to anybody who already has experience and basic knowledge in sculpting, e.g. because they attended a course at Camp Berlin or at Campo dell’ Altissimo in Italy. 
If you want to participate in the Open Studio, kindly contact us:

Katrin Pfister-Rosenzweig
Tel.: -49 (0) 30 787 43 75
E-Mail: katrin.pfister(at)