Sculpting courses in Berlin

Sculpture Studio

A warm welcome to the Campo Studio in Berlin

Our sculpture studio is a unique space in Berlin’s art scene, where modern contemporary art is combined with Italian tradition.

We – Katrin Pfister-Rosenzweig and Peter Rosenzweig – learned the art of sculpting a long time ago in Italy. Part of the year, we still live and work close to the marble quarries of Carrara in Tuscany. There, life revolves around the marble, its art and craft. 

We bring to Berlin some of this unique world: First of all the marble itself whose crystalline structure allows a singular interaction of form and light; and we always source travertine or black marble from the local sawmills in Italy.

Last not least, we brought along the love for the stones and the professional and artistic workmanship to handle this hard material. The evolving sculptures allude as much to an ancient tradition, as they overcome and transcend it artistically and formally.

We would like to share our love for sculpting with you. You are warmly invited to visit our studio, see our artwork or purchase it. And you can learn the art of stone sculpting with us. 

We look forward to your visit!

Katrin Pfister-Rosenzweig and Peter Rosenzweig