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Katrin Pfister-Rosenzweig

Born in 1960 in Erlangen, I studied history, philosophy and literature. For many years, I worked as a journalist and film maker for public television.
In 2000, I discovered the stone medium and created my first sculpture of Greek marble on the Island of Tinos. This first encounter with marble was a catalyst and starting point for my intensive involvement with sculpting.

In Italy - our second home close to the famous marble quarries of Carrara - I dived deep into the world of sculpting. Today I live and work in Berlin and Italy. My sculptures have been presented in many group exhibitions in both countries.

Some thoughts about my artwork

Sun, eye, dice, gate - mythology and archetypes 

I am fascinated by forms and symbols which are found again and again in many cultures and religions. For example, almost everywhere the sun embodies the life-affirming principle, the eye was mostly acknowledged as a symbol of protection, dice were thrown to consult the oracle and gates could lead to either heaven or hell.

But apart from the mythological content, it is also the shapeliness of these symbols that inspires me. Reduced and simplified, calm and sometimes meditative, they reveal their inherent essence.
I often put my sculptures out of their formal context and place them in a new, artistically designed environment.

Heavy and weightless – quest for balance

Some of my sculptures balance on just one single spot. If touched, they swing but they always come back to their initial position and rest. The stones seem to float – defying their own gravity, or reconciling with it. The quest for balance is a recurrent theme of mine.

Light and colour

Due to its transparency and crystalline structure, marble itself became a myth long ago. For millennia it fascinated and inspired sculptors, architects and poets – and me of course, too. But I also love the colour of other stones: The cheerful yellow or the earthen red of Persian travertine, the stern authority of the black Belgian marble or the vivid surface of South American rocks.

All of them are present in my work and I often combine them. The result is a colourful interaction of symbols and materials from different continents and cultures. 

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