Sculpting courses in Berlin

Sculpture Studio

Programme of the 5-days intensive courses

For beginners and advanced students

Each course starts with the selection of the appropriate stone. In our well-stocked store everybody can find the perfect stone for his or her project. And I will of course assist participants in the right choice before I introduce you to the art of sculpting. 

From day one, you start with practical work: You get to know the right techniques with hammer and chisel. Step by step new tools and techniques are introduced. Finally you learn how to polish the surface to finish your own sculpture.
Advanced students will be accompanied in creating larger and more ambitious work. 

Basic equipment will be available to each student. This includes an 800 gram club hammer, chisel and goggles, later on also special handmade tools – all hand made in 
The studio is technically well equipped with everything for sculpting. Large windows and roof lights ensure perfect lighting conditions. In winter, the studio is heated, in summer less noisy sculpting work can also be done outdoors. 

All courses go for 5 days; in total I will guide you for at least 35 hours. The course is suitable for beginners and advanced students. 

Outside the course hours, you can explore Berlin: Over 175 museums present a vast range of art, history and science from the Antique world to today. Galleries invite you to explore contemporary art and the avant-garde. Or enjoy the diverse music scene, listen to the world famous Philharmonic Orchestra or party to some underground beats – there’s plenty of choice. 

But Berlin wouldn’t be as much fun without its varied offering of restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs – your place to relax and get to know Berliners.